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Feb 7, 2013 11:00pm PST
that, huh? - yeah, you totally-- you pulled that shit on us too. - well... - you son of a bitch. - that's no excuse. - yeah, well, at least you didn't try and grift a doctor, though. - no, no, i never actually said i was a doctor. - he's the goddamn church gardener. - a gardener? i guess that would explain this. - oh! oh! - jesus! - i was gonna talk to you about that. i'm really sorry. you had my back up against the wall. i had to spray you with a heavy dose of pesticide. put some aloe vera gel on there, a little bit of vitamin d-- - what? he doesn't know that. he doesn't know that. - don't get a diagnosis from him now. - why--how would you know that? goddamn it. - dennis. dennis! mom's alive. she faked her own death to steal frank's money, and we think it's buried in her grave. - that dirty whore. everybody get a goddamn shovel! this is such a perfect place for that bitch to hide my money. - oh, psychic john talked about this. he said i was gonna come into a windfall of cash, and it's all in here. - yeah, and then we can use some of that cash to pay for the statue that our moms broke,
Comedy Central
Feb 8, 2013 1:00am PST
bailout and lived to tell the tale of it. neil barofsky will be joining us on the program. we have a program note. last night we went all in on president obama, his administration and the secrecy regarding the seemingly ambiguous and power loaded u.s. drone program. you may have seen that at 11:00 on the way to checking out top champions. it's a show on the food network but it's december appointing because you are expecting champions and -- [laughter] at least show the documents to congress we pled to the president. show them to congress so that the two of you can abuse american power together as the founders intended. before we release that nugget into the -- what is it called -- a tv. [ laughter ] this little piece of news came out. >> president obama has directed the justice department to provide congressional intelligence committees access to classified information providing the legal rational for the drone strikes. >> jon: the guy just ruined our whole (bleep) show. just out of the clear blue boom! no warning. whole show, blew it up. [ laughter ] we tape at 6:30 and there's a
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)